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About this 2020-August Current Affairs Online Exam

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2020 Current Affairs IQ Questions for IBPS SO

Practice the following Current Affairs Latest Q&A list:

1) Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health and Family, recently participated in the digital meeting of the Minister of Health of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Where is SCO's headquarters located?

2) Where has the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) commissioned a third high speed boat C-448?

3) According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) report entitled "Assessing the Progress of the Digitization from Cash to Electronic", notes in circulation (NIC) increased at an average rate of ____ between October 2014 and October 2016?

4) Which company signed an agreement to acquire a 49% stake in Odisha Power Generation Corporation?

5) The World Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Day, observed annually on __________?

6) RahatIndori who recently passed away is the famous poet in what language?

7) Which of the following functions as a custodian and manager of forex reserves?

8) Which of the following treaties provided for the creation of the European Union (EU)?

9) What was the profession of James Harris, popularly known as "Kamala" Harris, who recently passed away?

10) Which state government has lowered VAT on diesel to 16.75 percent?

11) Who launched 15 products developed by defense PSUs and OFB?

12) Which government will launch 'YSR Cheyutha' for the benefit of the state's rural economy?

13) Poet and _______________ Chunakkara Ramankutty recently passed away?

14) Which portal was launched by Defense Secretary Rajnath Singh, a one-stop-shop online portal that gives access to the sellers to pick up indigenous items?

15) According to "The Hurun Global Rich List 2020" jointly published by Hurun Research Institute and Shimao Shenkong International Center, who is the richest person in the world?

16) Who is the overall winner of the 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize?

17) The scientist from which university developed starch-based 'hemostat' material to stop rapid blood loss in accidents?

18) Which of the following offices is proposed to be established to recruit for Non Gazetted posts?

19) The proposal to establish the 'Technology Group' with 12 members was approved by the cabinet on February 19, 2020. Who is the head of the 'Technology Group'?

20) In which Indian state was the 'Lui-Ngai-Ni' seed festival celebrated with the 2020 theme "Unity Through Culture"?

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14%, Reserve Bank of India, Mangaluru, Karnataka, Jeff Bezos

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