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About this 2020-August Current Affairs Exam

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Top Current Affairs IQ Mock Test for MPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020-August Q&A list:

1) In which country was Taranjit Singh Sandhu appointed as Indian Ambassador on January 28, 2020?

2) Which state cabinet has approved a proposal that will increase the penalty for violators of COVID-19 regulations?

3) What is the name of the Indian state / UT that established 'migration commission' to provide employment for migrant workers?

4) Which edition of the National Reading Day was celebrated on June 19, 2020?

5) Indian indentured labor was transported to which of the following colonies?

6) 'Serotonin' is found in

7) The terms "Call to Action" and "Other Controlled Jurisdictions" are interrelated

8) 'The Global Gender Gap Report' is published by

9) Consider the following statements regarding 'International Astronomical Union (IAU)?

10) Which of the following languages ??is not a 'classical language'?

11) '' Rupe shunyam 'was mentioned by

12) Name the Indian wrestler who recently won the silver medal in the 57 kg event at the Rome Ranking Series in Rome?

13) Has a festival started to celebrate the spirit of India ?_______________? at Red Fort Ground in New Delhi?

14) What position was India placed among the best recipients of foreign direct investment in the world in 2019?

15) How much fund has been provided by India to Antigua and Barbuda and each Caribbean country (CARICOM) to combat the COVID-19 outbreak?

16) Which state observed Mask Day on June 18, 2020?

17) What is the target year set by the Government of India to provide broadband access to all villages under the National Broadband Mission (NBM)?

18) The 2019-20 economic survey presented what new kind of parameter to relate economics to the common person?

19) The Mango Department whose State of India has signed MoU with Flipkart to support mango farmers?

20) What is HDFC Bank's slogan?

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