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New IQ Question and Answers on HSBC Bank, 1.5%, Russia, Child Pornography, New Delhi, Vikramajit Sen, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port, Narendra Singh Tomar, Manipur, 7 August, Andhra Pradesh, Kapil Dev Ram Lal Nikhanj, US$ 461.2 bn, Australia, Table Tennis, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, South Korea, Ministry of Home Affairs, Indian Institute of Science (IISc, UAE

2020-August Current Affairs IQ Online Quiz for PSC

Practice the following Current Affairs Latest Q&A list:

1) Noel Quinn has been appointed CEO of which multinational bank?

2) According to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), what will India's GDP growth for the financial year be (maximum)?

3) 'Ganga-Volga Dialogue' was held between India and

4) 'Operation MASOOM' is associated with

5) The International Summit on Women in STEM "Visualizing the Future: New Skylines" was held at the India Habitat Center, __________?

6) The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has signed a license agreement with Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Futures Europe. Which of the following is the current Chairman of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)?

7) In celebration of 150 years of Kolkata Port Trust, the port of Kolkata was renamed?

8) US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to restrict the use of this visa?

9) Which state celebrated his Patriot Day 2020 on August 13?

10) When is National Handloom Day celebrated?

11) Which state government has signed MoU with the US-based Boston Group to set up a development center in one of the districts?

12) Name the Indian sports player honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2nd edition of Sportstar Aces Awards 2020?

13) How many foreign reserves does India have on January 10, 2020?

14) Name the cricket team that took 1st place since 2016 by racing past India in the recent test rankings for men's teams released by ICC?

15) Harmeet Desai is associated with which sport?

16) Do you consider the person who replaced Rajiv Kumar as India's new Finance Minister?

17) ANASIS-II is which country's first military communications satellite?

18) Supreme Court orders to establish powerful commission to restore 4G internet services in Jammu and Kashmir. The committee was headed by a secretary from which ministry?

19) The first mobile RT-PCR COVID laboratory in India, named 'Mobile Infection Testing and Reporting lab (MITR)', was developed by which institute?

20) The Barakah nuclear power plant recently in the news is located in which country?

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