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Agriculture Current Affairs Questions, Vijit, US, New Delhi, February 2020 Oct, 02 - Week # 39, 2020 Current Affairs Update

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New Current Affairs IQ Mock Assessment for BPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs Updated Q&A list:

1) Who has been awarded the 2019 Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) Prize for Investigative Journalism?

2) The scientist whose IIT developed a software that can detect COVID-19 in 5 seconds using an X-ray scan of the suspected patient?

3) Registration of which ID card has exceeded 125 crore since launch?

4) How many crores have been approved by the cabinet of the Union as a special liquidity arrangement for NBFCs / HFCs to address their liquidity stress?

5) Which of the following neurochemicals / hormones is responsible for the swarm formation of locusts?

6) Two types - Striped Hairstreak and Elusive Prince - were recently discovered in Arunachal Pradesh. These types are -

7) What is the name of the Indian pacemaker who will receive the BCCI's prestigious Polly Umrigar Award for his outstanding performance in International Cricket in the 2018/19 season?

8) Which country has warned to retire TikTok if it is not sold on September 15th?

9) The newly elected president of the 75th UN General Assembly, Volkan Bozkir, belongs to which country?

10) Which country released its first list of verified news portals?

11) Retail inflation rises to 2.57% in which month 2019?

12) Which Indian Coast Guard ship became the first Coast Guard ship ever to visit Sabang, Indonesia?

13) Which state became the first in the country to partner with Google India in the nationwide rollout of its Google for Education technology?

14) Which state / UT has launched 'LEAD' e-portal for students?

15) How many jobs created in rural and urban areas between 2011-12 and 2017-2018?

16) Which Indian state government has launched the 'Nadu-Nedu' plan to modernize the entire government hospital in three years with the allocated fund of 15,337 crr?

17) Which of the following railway manufacturers has developed a cheap fan 'Jeevan' to combat COVID-19?

18) The Reserve Bank of India has appointed Sunil Gurbaxani as MD & CEO of which Indian private bank?

19) Find the e-commerce company (based in Bengaluru) partnering with ICICI Lombard & Go digital insurance companies to launch health insurance?

20) Which country has ended the free entry of Indian tourists (Feb 2020) and decided to charge a daily fee of Rs. 1200 for regional tourists from India from July 2020?

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