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Agriculture Current Affairs Questions, China, Maharashtra- Bihar, USD 1 billion, Assam 2020 Oct, 26 - Week # 43, 2020 Current Affairs Update

About this 2020-August Current Affairs Practice Test

2020-August IQ Question and Answers on Narendra Modi, Spain, Rajesh Bhushan, Andhra Pradesh, Architect, 9, Someshvara III, Caterpillar Fungus, New Delhi, Maharashtra- Bihar, BWF, China, KHELO INDIA, Assam, Padma Vibhushan, G. Srinivasan, 5th May, Jaimanti Bakshi, 4.9%, USD 1 billion

Top Current Affairs IQ Exam for SBI Clerk

Practice the following Current Affairs Updated Q&A list:

1) Who inaugurated the RashtriyaSwachhata Kendra (RSK), an interactive experience center on the Swachh Bharat mission?

2) Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar attended the extraordinary meeting of G20 Agriculture Ministers via video conference. Name the country that is a permanent guest of the G20 countries?

3) The central government (Ministry of Health and Family) has formed an 11-member committee to "simplify and speed up" the drug approval process in India. Who is the chairman of the committee?

4) Which state government has launched the KapuNestham program to provide financial support to women from the Kapu community?

5) Satish Gujral who passed away in March 2020 is ________?

6) What is Mukesh Ambani's position on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index list of richest people in the world?

7) 'Manasollasa' is associated with

8) 'Himalayan gold' was in the news recently. It is referred to

9) The 27th edition of South Asian Trade and Travel Exchange Expo (SATTE) 2020 took place in?

10) The very first Kisan Rail, launched by the Indian Railways, will travel between which states of the country?

11) The new political map of Pakistan shows parts of which Indian state?

12) Tick-borne virus has re-emerged in which country?

13) SAI with CISCE and CBSE launch which mobile app online training program for PE teachers and leaders?

14) National Board for Wild Life (NBWL) recently authorized part of the Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve to be used for mining. What state is the elephant sanctuary in?

15) Legendary politician Arun Jaitley & Sushma Swaraj along with George Fernandes Sri Vishveshateertha Swamiji & Sri Pejavara Adhokhaja ??Matha Udupi posthumously received which of the following awards?

16) Name the person who heads the 9-member working group set up by IRDAI to investigate the appropriateness of the issuance of bonds by Indian insurers?

17) When was International Midwife Day celebrated annually?

18) Name the person awarded the 'Best Citizens of India' gold medal prize awarded by Global Economic Progress and Research Association (GEPRA) in March 2020?

19) What is India's revised Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for FY20 (FY 20) as predicted by Japanese brokerage firm Nomura?

20) What grant has been approved by the World Bank for India's COVID-19 Social Protection Program (May 2020)?

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Architect, 5th May, Caterpillar Fungus, Jaimanti Bakshi

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