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Banking Current Affairs Questions, Hage Gottfried Geingob, ISRO, ISRO, Mumbai 2020 Oct, 02 - Week # 39, 2020 Current Affairs Update

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2020 Current Affairs IQ Exam for SSC SI

Practice the following Current Affairs Latest Q&A list:

1) Tim James Murtagh, who recently retired, is associated with what sport?

2) Under what plan was the construction of 331,000 new homes approved, bringing the total to 9.6 million homes?

3) Which country has tested a ballistic missile interceptor named 'Arrow-2'?

4) In which country does footballer Aritz Aduriz belong who recently announced his retirement?

5) 'Tilhan Mission' is associated with

6) Which of the following statements regarding 'Pattachitra' is correct?

7) Which of the following has been appointed to serve as counsel to Queen Elizabeth II's senior lawyer before the courts of England and Wales?

8) The Income Tax Department has launched a 24 ? 7 control room to monitor black money and illegal inducements in Delhi. Who is India's current chief election commissioner?

9) Which of the following has the Bhuvan Panchayat V3 web portal developed to improve the network application of gram panchayats?

10) Which Chinese company has withdrawn as title sponsor of IPL?

11) Which is the first city to have female pictograms on traffic lights?

12) Which course will be discontinued according to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020?

13) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has increased the amount of the loan that banks can provide against the collateral of gold jewelery and non-agricultural jewelery from 75 percent of the value of the pledged gold to what percent?

14) Which Indian bank won the "Most Customer Focused Bank Using Technology" and "Best Payments Initiative" awards at the 15th Indian Banks 'Associations' Banking Technology Awards 2020?

15) Name the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) half-human robot ready for an unmanned journey into space before astronauts?

16) Name the private bank in India that launched voice-enabled banking services on its integrated AI chatbot 'iPal' with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?

17) Who was elected president of Namibia for the second term on December 1, 2019?

18) Where was the first "Mine Countermeasure Exercise (MINEX) 2019" held, with the participation of the Indian Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF)?

19) What is the article of the Constitution of India under which the budget of the Union of India, also called the Annual Financial Statement?

20) Name the robot that was launched by the central railways to enhance passenger screening and surveillance?

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