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Competitive Exam Current Affairs Questions, Prakash Javadekar, 10, 10, SBI 2020 Oct, 18 - Week # 42, 2020 Current Affairs Update

About this 2020-August Current Affairs Online Test

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Top Current Affairs IQ Mock Assessment for SBI Clerk

Practice the following Current Affairs Top Q&A list:

1) Which country's space agency will take its first tourists on a spacewalk in 2023?

2) Who recently started testing the paperless National Transit Pass System (NTPS)?

3) How many wetlands in India have recently been declared as Ramsar sites, bringing the total to 37?

4) Which organization has developed the 'COVID19BWM app' to detect biomedical waste?

5) Name it Advanced Torpedo Decoy System (ATDS), originally launched by DRDO and inaugurated by the Indian Navy?

6) Centrum has launched data recovery center 'Krishi Megh' of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). In which city will it be located?

7) Which of these is the very first state to team up with Google to introduce Google Classroom and G Suite for online school education?

8) Which Ecommerce Company Acquired Top Price Wholesalers from Walmart Inc in India?

9) ICC has postponed T20 World Cup 2020. When will it be held now?

10) Which bank should link the interest rate to the repo rate of RBIs?

11) Dick Dale recently passed away. He was popularly known as _________?

12) In August 2020, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allowed who to invest in debt instruments through mutual funds at no extra cost?

13) Name the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, who recently visited India?

14) Name the life insurance plan launched by the Indian government in May 2015?

15) Indian Railway Institute of Financial Management (IRIFM) will be established in which of the following states?

16) Shivraj Singh Chouhan has become Chief Minister for the 4th time to which Indian state / UT?

17) Where has the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) commissioned a third high-speed boat C-448?

18) Which ministry launched the SATYABHAMA portal developed by the National Informatics Center?

19) Which tech giant company, in partnership with the National Commission for Women (NCW) and the Cyber ??Peace Foundation, launched the ?We think Digital? program to provide digital literacy training to 1 Lakh woman in 7 states (February 2020) ?

20) Raja Parba is the festival celebrated in which Indian state / UT?

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