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2020 Current Affairs IQ Mock Assessment for Civil Services

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020-August Q&A list:

1) Union Secretary of Defense Rajnath Singh has laid the foundations for a Missile Seeker Center (SFC) and a nuclear warhead manufacturing unit at Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) in which city?

2) Which of the following is known as "suicide bags" or "suicide bags" of the cells

3) The 'Deswali Belt' and the 'Bagari Belt' are discussed in the context of which of the following states?

4) The Pulses Conclave 2020, which aims to increase exports, processing efficiency, protein extraction, value addition and post-harvest management, takes place in?

5) Which of the following producers has won the 2020 Grammy Awards in the "Producer of the Year" category?

6) Which state decided to set up a snow leopard conservation center?

7) Who won the World Food Prize 2020?

8) Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal's ban has been reduced to 18 months. How long had he been banned from the sport before?

9) Who is the Secretary of State in India?

10) Who became the first Indian batsman to beat 400 sixes in international cricket during the T20I series India vs West Indies?

11) Recently in the news K Sanjita Chanu is associated with what sport?

12) Which country plans to host the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) forum of young scientists and innovators by 2020?

13) Where was the 6th edition of the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Defense Ministers' Meeting-Plus (ADMM-Plus) for the year 2019?

14) Sunita Lakra was recently in the news, does she belong to which sport?

15) How much are foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first eight months of 2019-2020?

16) The person who won the men's singles title in the 112th edition of the 2020 All England Open badminton tournament (March 2020)?

17) Which country became the largest source of foreign direct investment (FDI) ($ 8 billion investment) in India in the first half of FY2020?

18) Name the largest air exercise recently performed by the Indian Army in the Northeast Theater?

19) World Hand Hygiene Day was celebrated annually on May 5. What is the theme of the day for the year 2020?

20) The Supreme Court has lifted the ban on cryptocurrency trading by canceling the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) circular in 2018. What technology does the cryptocurrency run on?

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Winged Raider, Blockchain, Weightlifting, Lonavala, Maharashtra

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