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Current Affairs, Sweden, film industry, Uttarakhand, International Finance Corporation 2020 Oct, 25 - Week # 43, 2020 Current Affairs Update

About this 2020-August Current Affairs Online Exam

2020-August IQ Question and Answers on Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru, International Finance Corporation, 2001, MyGov, Abhas Jha, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Reliance Industries, Rajnath Singh, Yatish Yadav, film industry, Life Insurance Corporation, Vocalist, 5.3 %, Sweden, Meghalaya, Karnataka, Maharashtra, 79, Uttarakhand

Top Current Affairs IQ Test for IBPS PO Clerk

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020-August Q&A list:

1) India's first mobile RT-PCR COVID lab called 'Mobile Infection Testing and Reporting lab (MITR)' was developed by which institute?

2) Which branch of the world bank planned to raise Rs. 75 Crore in Endiya Partners Fund II?

3) Since which year is International Day of Missing Children (IMCD) celebrated on May 25 every year?

4) Name the central government citizen engagement platform that reached one crore registered users?

5) What is the name of the Indian economist appointed by the World Bank for a key position in the field of climate change and disaster management in South Asia?

6) Which of the following countries is not a member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)?

7) 'Baikonur Cosmodrome' is located in

8) Which multinational has become a net debt-free company?

9) Who launched DPSUs and OFBs modernization projects during Atma Nirbhar week (7-14 August 2020)?

10) Whose new book 'RAW: A History of India's Covert Operations' offers a glimpse into the exploits of Indian spymasters

11) Ebrahim Alkazi who recently passed away is associated with ________?

12) Which insurance company has launched a 'Special Revival Campaign' to revive expired policies?

13) Shyamala Bhave who recently passed away is a known _______?

14) Moody has reduced India's growth forecast for the year 2020 from 5.4% to ____ due to the coronavirus outbreak?

15) Which country did King Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus and Queen Silvia Renate Sommerlath recently visit India?

16) Which state, Governor of Nagaland, Ravindra Narayana Ravi, received additional charges as governor on December 16, 2019?

17) Kithiganahalli Lake is located in what state?

18) Name the Indian state that approved 'Happy Hours' (15% reduction in rate from noon to 4pm) in auto rickshaws as per Kathua panel recommendation?

19) In the World Bank report 'Ease of doing Business', India jumps with how many positions from 2014-19?

20) Which state planned to develop the first snow leopard conservation center in India?

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Kazakhstan, 5.3 %, 2001, Meghalaya

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