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Daily Questions for All Bank Exams, Neither 1 nor 2, Vivo, Russia, IIT Kanpur 2020 Oct, 05 - Week # 40, 2020 Current Affairs Update

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Latest Current Affairs IQ Online Assessment for Banking

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020 Q&A list:

1) Researchers at the Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) have found a route to fabricate precisely controlled nanostructures with the desired geometry and location on 2D materials. Where is INST located?

2) How many defense weapons and military platforms were not allowed to be imported by the Department of Military Affairs of the Department of Defense?

3) The Indian government has established International Financial Services Centers Authority (IFSCA) to regulate all financial services in International Financial Services Centers (IFSCs) in the country. Where will IFSCA's headquarters be located?

4) The 'Mi-8AMTSh-VN' is what country's attack transport helicopter?

5) Name the country that recently launched a new space defense unit to track and counter threats to the country's satellites?

6) Which of the pollutants are detected by the National Air Quality Index (AQI) device?

7) Indra Sawhney case, 1992 covers

8) India develops strategic port in 'Sabang'. Where is it located?

9) Consider the following rulings related to the Prevention of Illegal Activities Act (UAPA)

10) The Government of India has established a National Startup Advisory Council. Who will be the Chair of the National Startup Advisory Council?

11) What campaign did Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch to rid India of trash and waste?

12) Which Chinese company has withdrawn as IPL's title sponsor?

13) Punjab CM Amarinder Singh launches which of the following state partnerships, YuWaah for youth development?

14) Haryana Forest Department used aerial seed drone to increase green coverage in Aravallis. Which IIT designed the 'seeding drone'?

15) Phool Dei festival was celebrated in which of the following Indian state?

16) Where is the National Institute of Banking Management located?

17) Who has been appointed MD & CEO of HDFC Bank effective October 27, 2020?

18) What is India's first private train to travel at night, inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi on his visit to Uttar Pradesh?

19) Hari Shankar Vasudevan who recently passed away is a known _________?

20) The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) has purchased ______% stake in Jio platforms for Rs 5,863.50 crores?

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Pune, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Commerce Minister, Pride of Punjab

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