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Education Current Affairs Questions, Sports Journalist, Army Personnel, None, United Arab Emirates 2020 Oct, 17 - Week # 41, 2020 Current Affairs Update

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New IQ Question and Answers on Ravi Shankar Prasad, Sports Journalist, Army Personnel, Kerala, None, United Arab Emirates, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy, Palestine, KEPCO, Manoj Sinha, Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad, Telangana, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, West Bengal, April 7, Vietnam, Rowing, 27%, New Delhi, MS Dhoni, Andhra Pradesh

Latest Current Affairs IQ Exam for IBPS

Practice the following Current Affairs Latest Q&A list:

1) Who launched the web portal ? to track down the stolen mobile phones of Delhi subscribers?

2) GK Menon who died in August 2020 is a known ______?

3) Parvez Jamasji who recently passed away is a known _____?

4) Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, whose state has developed the semantic search engine "Vilokana" to enable researchers to gain deeper insights into scientific studies?

5) Consider the following statements regarding 'MH-60 Romeo helicopters'

6) The largest number of Indians living abroad live in the

7) The government of the Union has published the "State Energy Efficiency Index 2019". The index was developed by Bureau of Energy Efficiency together with?

8) Google Is Getting Backlash For Allegedly Removing Which Country From Google Maps?

9) Which state government signs MoU with Hindustan Unilever Ltd, P&G and ITC to support women's economic empowerment?

10) Who takes the oath as the new Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir?

11) Which city is organizing the conference on the civil aviation sector 'Wings India 2020' with the theme 'Flying for everyone'?

12) What is India's first plastic-free single-use airport?

13) Sunderban's tiger reserve recently in the news belongs to which Indian state?

14) The theme of World Health Day 2020 is 'In support of nurses and midwives'. The day is celebrated every year on?

15) A team from Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has discovered a 1100 year old monolithic sandstone Shiva lingam in which country (recently)?

16) Dattu Baban Bhokanal was in the news recently, he is associated with what sport?

17) According to the paper "Rethinking Gender Representation across Value Chains" published at the 3rd Gender Equality Summit 2020, if women's workforce is the same as men's workforce, could it increase India's GDP by _______?

18) Name the Indian State / UT that announced a 5T (Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Teamwork & Tracking and Monitoring) plan to control Covid-19?

19) Name the Indian cricketer appointed as PokerStars India Brand Ambassador?

20) According to NITI Aayog's Progress Report (September 2019) entitled "Transforming Nutrition in India: POSHAN Abhiyaan", Which Indian State Scored Best in Overall Implementation of POSHAN Abhiyaan?

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West Bengal, Manoj Sinha, Andhra Pradesh, Vietnam

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