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State Current Affairs Questions, Snow Leopards, 10,000 Crores, Anthurium, 10,000 Crores 2020 Oct, 02 - Week # 39, 2020 Current Affairs Update

About this 2020 Current Affairs Test

Top IQ Question and Answers on 50 pence, Tamil Nadu, 16, Anthurium, Ministry of Human Resource Development, 2019, 4, Snow Leopards, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Israel, April, Bangladesh, Ahmedabad, Ivory Coast, CHAMPIONS, Uttarakhand, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 10,000 Crores, 4.9%

2020-August Current Affairs IQ Practice Assessment for PSC

Practice the following Current Affairs New Q&A list:

1) What is the denomination of the newly unveiled coin inscribed "Peace, Prosperity and Friendship with all Nations" by Great Britain to mark its departure from the European Union (EU)?

2) Mr. KPP Samy who passed away recently (Feb 2020) is the former Minister of which Indian state?

3) How many MoUs have been signed by the Government of Tamil Nadu to create employment for more than 6,555 people worth Rs 5,137 crores?

4) Kerala-based innovator VasiniBai has developed 10 varieties of which recently flowered through cross-pollination?

5) Which ministry launches the National Mission on Basic Literacy and Mathematics?

6) On April 24, what year was the first International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace celebrated?

7) What Is India's Ranking As The Largest Fish Exporting Nation In The World?

8) The 'Bishkek Declaration' is concerned with the conservation of which of the following species?

9) The Indian Consulate team beat which country's consulate team to win the 2020 Diplomat Cup Cricket Championship in Sharjah?

10) Which country has banned its telecom companies from buying 5G equipment from Huawei?

11) Which country has successfully tested its Arrow-2 Ballistic Missile Interceptor?

12) Lok Sabha 2019 elections start from which month?

13) Which country announced that it is building a self-contained war memorial for Indian soldiers killed by Pakistan in 1971?

14) In which city are two bridges named after the late Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj?

15) Amadou Gon Coulibaly who recently passed away is the Prime Minister of which country?

16) Name the portal launched by PM Modi to help the smaller MSMEs through their grievances and resolve the complaints received on the portal?

17) Jim Corbett National Park has become India's first animal quarantine center. Where is Jim Corbett National Park?

18) Where did the Indian Air Force (IAF) dismantle its last MiG-27 (Mikoyan MiG-27) fighter jet, also known as 'Bahadur', that served India during the 1999 Kargil War?

19) How much amount will the RBI be infusing through Open Market Operation (OMO) to maintain liquidity in the banking system (on March 20, 2020)?

20) What is India's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth for fiscal year 2019-20 (FY20) according to Moody's?

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