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Bills and Acts Current Affairs Questions, 7.6%, ?Algeria, 360 million, All of the above 2020 Nov, 19 - Week # 46, 2020 Current Affairs Update

About this 2020-August Current Affairs Quiz

2020-August IQ Question and Answers on Russia, Swimming, 7.6%, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL), Sri Lanka, All of the above, Kolkata, West Bengal, global risk, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, UK, Kerala, S.N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Ivory Coast, 2nd, Chess, ?Algeria, Chitahresh Natesan, Bangkok, Thailand, 360 million

Updated Current Affairs IQ Online Exam for RPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs Top Q&A list:

1) Which country's resolution on initiating drafting of a new convention to combat cybercrime was approved by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)?

2) Jiya Rai recently in the news (Feb 2020) regarding which sport?

3) What percentage of greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced between 2020 and 2030 to reach the Paris Agreement's 1.5 ? C temperature target by 2030 according to the United Nations Environment Program "Emissions Gap Report 2019" ( UNEP)?

4) Which company won the 'BFSI Digital Innovation Award 2020' for Cloud Solutions?

5) For which country has the Reserve Bank of India signed a USD 400 million currency swap facility?

6) 'Chhau dance' is associated with which of the following states?

7) Union Minister of Steel launched mission PURVODAYA ??for the development of East India through an integrated steel hub in?

8) Which of the following is defined as an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, could have a significant negative impact on various countries or industries within the next 10 years, as stated in the Global Risks Report 2020?

9) "YSR Cheyutha" scheme was launched by which state government to ensure sustainable livelihoods for women?

10) Veteran Congress Leader CM Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar died on August 5, 2020. He was the former Chief Minister of what state?

11) Which of the following companies partnered with Craft Silicon to innovate and accelerate digital loan repayment solutions?

12) The actor Anil Murli died at the age of 51, in what state?

13) Which institute has developed a touch-free and painless device called "AJO-Neo" for non-invasive screening of bilirubin levels in neonates?

14) Hamed Bakayoko has been appointed Prime Minister of which country?

15) According to the FutureBrand Index 2020, what is the ranking of Reliance Industries in terms of the largest brands in the world?

16) Humpy Koneru was in the news recently, she is associated with what sport?

17) Which country elected Abdelmadjid Tebboune as president on December 13, 2019?

18) Name the first Indian to win the 'Mr Universe 2019' in the 90 kg category at the 11th World Championship Bodybuilding and Physical Sports in the island city of Jeju, South Korea?

19) Where was the 21st Asian Archery Championship for the year 2019 held?

20) How many children will end up in poverty and food insecurity in the South Asian region in the next 6 months, according to the UNICEF report?

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7.6%, S.N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Russia, ?Algeria

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