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2020 IQ Question and Answers on Michael Miebach, Theme: ?Women in Science?, India, Hyderabad, Telangana, May 25, Minister of Home Affairs, RBI, Narendra Singh Tomar, Madhya Pradesh, 2019, Bihar, Jhelum river, Bihar, Amartya Sen, Social Activist, Fencing, Ecuador, Aditya Birla Finance Ltd (ABFL, Maharashtra, Valtteri Bottas

Top Current Affairs IQ Test for SSC ASI

Practice the following Current Affairs Top Q&A list:

1) Who has been appointed as the new president of a multinational financial services company,

2) The National Science Day (NSD) in India is celebrated annually on February 28. What is the theme of NSD 2020?

3) According to the report entitled "Prospect of regional energy cooperation and cross-border energy trade in the BIMSTEC region", published at a two-day conference on strengthening energy cooperation in the BIMSTEC region. Which country is at the top of all energy sources?

4) Where was the world's largest meditation center inaugurated on the 75th anniversary of the founding of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) and Heartfulness Institute?

5) World Thyroid Day is celebrated annually on ______?

6) 'Island Development Agency (IDA) is chaired by

7) Who Authorizes System-Based Asset Classification for Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs)?

8) Who launched Krishi Megh, KVC ALUNET and online agricultural institution accreditation system?

9) Which state should increase OBC quota and implement EWS?

10) When was the bill for Muslim women (protection of marriage rights) passed?

11) Which State Pollution Control Board has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with IIT, Delhi to establish a geographic information system (GIS) based air quality management platform in the state?

12) Pakistan and China have signed an agreement for the 700 MW Azad Pattan hydel power project. Which river should the Azad Pattan project be carried out on?

13) In which state will India's first dolphin observatory be launched?

14) Who won the 2020 German Book Trade Peace Prize?

15) Maharashtra's Vidya Bal who recently died (in January 2020) is a?

16) Bhavani Devi recently in the news belongs to which sport?

17) In which country is the Galapagos Islands, the world's first UNESCO World Heritage Site located?

18) Which company became the first company to list its trading papers on the stock exchanges?

19) Sardhar Vallabhai Patel Indoor Stadium is in what state?

20) Who won the opening season of the Austrian Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix?

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