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State Current Affairs Questions, $60 million, Karnataka, Ujjivan Small Finance bank, Pune, Maharashtra 2020 Nov, 02 - Week # 44, 2020 Current Affairs Update

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2020-August IQ Question and Answers on Maldives, ICICI Bank, Ujjivan Small Finance bank, Australia, 14th, -4.5%, 1.2%, 7, Assam, Bharat, SEBI, IIT Kharagpur, $60 million, Dr M S Swaminathan, 59, 3.5 per cent, Pune, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Sanna Mirella Marin, Toman

2020 Current Affairs IQ Practice Assessment for SSC SI

Practice the following Current Affairs Latest Q&A list:

1) India has signed an MoU with which country for the establishment of an 'Emergency Medical Services Unit'?

2) Which bank is working with PhonePe on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) multi-bank model?

3) Sachin Bansal, independent director whose Small Finance bank recently resigned?

4) Peter Siddle has announced his retirement from International Cricket, he belongs to which country?

5) Which edition of the India-EU Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) meeting 2020 held recently?

6) What will India's GDP be in 2020 according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimate?

7) What is India's estimated GDP in the last quarter (Q4) of FY20 according to SBI Ecowrap report?

8) The central government amended the General Financial Rules (GFRs) 2017 to impose restrictions on public procurement from countries that share a land border with India. How many countries share the land border with India?

9) 'Maguri-Motapung Wetland' is located in

10) The Indian Army has bought newly developed drones from DRDO? What are they called?

11) Who Revised IFSC Guidelines, 2015 'Eligibility, Shareholder Limit for Clearing Corp at IFSC?

12) Which institute has won the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 2020 for the development of a mechanism to generate electricity from wet clothes left in the sun to dry?

13) What is the amount lent by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to Aavas funders to improve women's access to housing in India?

14) Who received the first Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu National Award for Excellence on January 9, 2020?

15) What is India's ranking according to the International Institute of Management Development (IMD) report entitled "World Talent Ranking (WTR) 2019"?

16) Up to what percentage has the target for the budget deficit been set for the coming financial year starting on April 1, 2020?

17) Name the Indian city that will host the 5th edition of the Asia Pacific drosophila research conference (APDRC) for the first time in India?

18) Name the Indian state first in the country to report regulations to prevent the outbreak and spread of the new coronavirus under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897?

19) Who was chosen as the 46th Prime Minister of Finland, who became the world's youngest serving prime minister at the age of 34?

20) Iran has passed a bill on the denomination of the national currency, which makes it possible to delete four zeros from the national currency Rial and rename it ________?

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Karnataka, Maldives, 14th, Sanna Mirella Marin

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